Why Mantissa

10 Reasons to Study at Mantissa College


We understand that transition from high school to college is life-changing, therefore at Mantissa College we aim to provide the first-class experience for students. Our advanced facilities, combined with the guidance of our expert staff can transform your talents and enthusiasm into specific skills and knowledge needed to succeed in your chosen career, and to meet life's challenges with confidence.

We have compiled a list of 10 reasons why we think you should choose Mantissa College, but if these aren't convincing enough, check out why some of our current students think Mantissa College is so great! 


10 Reasons Why Mantissa

  • 1) Inspiring Teaching +

    Our academic staff inspire our students to believe in their abilities and become more than they ever imagined. Students here are equipped with the right social, career skills including problem solving and decision making with innovation.

  • 2) Outstanding Student Support +

    We are particularly proud of our student support services, which guide our students to settle into the college life, grow and thrive in the outside world as a graduate.

  • 3) Industry Approved and Accredited Courses +

    Many highly regarded professional bodies (AAFM, AAPM) are pleased to put their names to our courses. It is with common recognition that our awards reflect the latest industry practice and meet the professional standards. Sought after by employers, these qualifications definitely open doors for you.

  • 4) Making College Accessible +

    As part of our commitment to making higher education accessible, we offer a wide range of scholarships and bursaries to ensure talented students have the opportunity to study with us.

  • 5) Encouraging Entrepreneurship and Enterprise +

    Our college has a thriving entrepreneurial culture which is promoted throughout our undergraduate curriculum for students to think entrepreneurially and analytically. We provide a wealth of services and schemes to help support our student to be entrepreneurs who are forward looking.

  • 6) Enhancing Employability +

    We know how to introduce our students to be tough in the business world. We have been placing students with companies to work on real 'life' projects for years. Nevertheless, we also offer our students a range of work placement, volunteering opportunities and support to start up their own businesses.

  • 7) Student Community +

    Every student at Mantissa College automatically becomes a member of the Student Council (SC). The SC is managed by students for students, and are on hand to help students make friends, join sports teams & societies and to offer advice and support when in need. Most importantly to help you enjoy life and gain valuable experience in College.

  • 8) Foreign Qualifications at Local Price +

    Students can achieved foreign qualifications by completing 100% of their study locally while getting the best of affordable education PLUS foreign academic exposure.

  • 9) MSc Status Institution +

    Mantissa College is awarded as a MSc status Institution since 2011. Avenues for Technological Research with grants are available.

  • 10) Strong Alumni Community +

    Our graduates work across the globe and hold leading positions in world's top companies. They are also citizens of the global networks, contributing to shape society, whether through Business, Art, Information Technology or Language.

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