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Diploma in Information Technology

Mantissa College

Diploma in Information Technology

Awarded by Mantissa College
Overview-This programme prepares students with a thorough understanding of the principles, theories, and current practices in the Computer Science & InformationTechnology field. Students will get a strong foundation, allowing them to experience the process of software development and explore the rapid development of networking technologies. Graduates will be able to start careers or further their studies, leading to degree courses in Computer Science, Information Technology or related disciplines.
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  • Aim +

    Producing a class of professional technicians equipped with the right mix of conceptual and practical competencies to support the fast developing ICT sector in the real world.

  • Outcome +

    Diploma holders will have gathered hands-on experience working with a broad range of state-of-art technologies and methods. Our graduates at Mantissa College will have a pathway to higher academic and professional qualifications in Information Technology locally, and abroad.

  • Course Content +

    Year 1

    Year 2

    Year 3 (6 months)

    MPU Subjects

    Communication Skills

    Networking & Data Communication


    Pengajian Malaysia 2

    College Writing Skills

    Web Page Development

    Introduction to Accounting

    Bahasa Kebangsaan A / Communication Skills

    Academic Writing & Research

    Multimedia Development


    Moral & Ethics

    Computer fundamentals & Applications

    Introduction to Management



    Computer Ethics & Society

    Discrete Mathematics

    Diploma project


    Algebra & Trigonometry


    ICT Internship


    Structured Programming

    Human Computer Interaction


    Visual Basic Programming

    Management Information System




  • Entry Requirements +

    Minimum 3 Credits (Grade C6 and above) in SPM (O-Levels) with Bahasa Malaysia AND Sejarah (History) Pass (Grade D and above)

  • Fee & Finance +





    Course Fees

    RM 29,000

    RM 33,000


    These fees are applicable for new entrants in 2016/7. Fees are for the academic year only, any subsequent years may be subject to an annual increase, usually in line with inflation.

  • PTPTN Funding (Malaysian Students Only) +

    PTPTN Funding (Malaysian Students Only)
  • EPF Funding +

    EPF Funding
  • Accreditation +

    Fully Accredited by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA A8163)

    Recognised by Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA)- Malaysia Public Service Department (PSD)

  • Employability +

    This course could lead to a career in a wide range of industrial and commercial organisations in both private and public sectors such as:

    • IT Technician

    • IT and User Support Services

    • Web Developer

    • Network Technician

    • Programmer

    • Network Technician

    You may also choose to progress to a full degree in related subject area or with an appropriate education qualification, you could pursue a career in Information Technology teaching as there is a shortage of ICT teachers globally.

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