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International Executive Master of Business Administration

In collaboration with Paris Graduate School of Management, France

International Executive Master of Business Administration

In Collaboration with Paris Graduate School of Management-Paris
The Ecole Superieure De Gestion (Paris Graduate School of Management) is ranked (18th in 3 Palmes of Excellence Business School in 2016 by Eduniversal-Ranking.com) / (Ranked 32nd across 250 Business School in France in 2016 by Eduniversal-Ranking.com) The programme is recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia, and received the Full Accreditation by the MQA
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  • Aim +

    Do you want to enhance and develop your career in business and management? If so, we have a MBA programme designed to help you achieve this.

    The MBA programme prepares student for the bigger international business environment by providing lessons on business functions, strategies, and relationships. Mantissa is also keen on equipping its students to easily adopt the ever-changing business environment by including lessons on innovation, organizational development, stakeholder relations, and leadership.

    Being a graduate of the MBA programme means having the edge in experience and learning specifically on key business and management concepts, MBA theories, and their respective application in real life situations. We promote a mix of theoretical and practical approaches in business management.

    Our end goal is to produce graduates that are skilled in creating business researches, leading group-oriented projects, doing business presentations, solving management and business problems.
  • Outcome +

    Upon completing this course, you will able to:

    1.    Analyze key functional areas of the following subjects in a critical manner: Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Operations Management

    2.    Identify the importance in terms of support for overall organizational activities.

    3.    Analyze strategic perspectives at sector, organizational, regional, national and international levels.

    4.    Evaluate the relationship between an organization and its environments, along with the nature and importance of organizational transformation and change in a critical manner.

    5.    Have the ability to perform critical analysis based on contemporary problems, issues and challenges related to management and business. Furthermore, you will be able to analyze their impact on management and business at sector and strategic levels.

    6.    Recognize and evaluate the contributions and roles played by varying leadership and integrative strategic approaches at sector, strategic and functional levels.

    7.    Perform academic and independent research and synthesize your findings via critical thinking to produce projects and/or dissertations at a Master's Degree level.


  • Why PGSM IEMBA @ Mantissa? +

    The IEMBA is a master programme that's internationally recognised as being the leader in management education. Students will have high-quality blended learning support and access to excellent learning facilities.

    Full-time MBA students will join with peers from other postgraduate courses offered by the Paris Graduate School of Management on a weekend residential, where you will be able to combine an authentic business experience with an opportunity to work and socialise with others.

    You'll be able to apply past experience and also certificated learning to obtain credits from the programme.
  • Course Content +


    Core Subjects

    1.   Organisational Behaviour

    2.   Organisational Development & Change

    3.   Management Information System

    4.   Operation Management

    5.   Marketing

    6.   International Business Management

    7.   Corporate Financial Management

    8.   Strategic Management

    9.   Research Methods

    10.    Final Project (10,000 words)

    International Business Management Specialisation

    Strategic Project Management Specialisation

    11.International Human Resource Management

    11. Project Management

    12. International Marketing

    12. Business Policy

  • Entry Requirements +

    Tier 1

    ·       Applicants with Bachelor in Business Related or equivalent qualifications OR

    Tier 2

    ·       Applicants with Bachelor in Non-Business Related qualifications AND

    ·       Occupied a position of management responsibility a minimum of two years within an organisation OR

    Accreditation of PriorExperiences Learning (APEL)

    ·        Students who do not have these qualifications may still apply for the program as long as they able to present sufficient documents on their previous management experience and other non-certified courses related to the programme. Necessary evaluation of these documents will be done prior to accepting the applicant to the programme.

    ·        Relevant work experience in the field of business management is necessary.

  • EPF Funding +

    EPF Funding
  • Triple Crown Awards +

    Triple Crown Awards
  • Employability +

    If you want an academic qualification that will get you to places and companies, IEMBA is one of the greatest choice. It widens your employment prospects in the management and corporate world. Graduates of IEMBA may even take on management posts in various business industries. Furthermore, the programme is a good starting point for further studies, particularly in the field of Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Accounting.
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Frequently Ask Questions

1) Can I do my EPF withdrawal or any other scholarship available?
Yes, you (Malaysian Candidate only) may do your EPF withdrawal after you have been enrolled in the programme.
2) How the class is been conducted and the timetable?
The class will be conducted across the weekend. The class duration will be from 10am to 5pm. You may get the timetable later during your induction.
3)  Do I get the certification direct from PGSM or locally?
Yes, the final Certificate & Transcripts for this qualification will be awarded by the Paris Graduate School of Management, France
4) Is this programme been certified by MQA?
Yes, it a fully accredited programme by the Malaysians Qualification Agency (MQA) with the reference number of (A8994)
5) What is the ranking of the PGSM
The Ecole Superieure De Gestion (Paris Graduate School of Management) is ranked (18th in 3 Palmes of Excellence Business School in 2016 by Eduniversal-Ranking.com) / (Ranked 32nd across 250 Business School in France in 2016 by Eduniversal-Ranking.com)
6) What are the assessments for the programme
The assessments for the programme are combination of Assignment and Case Study Exam

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