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Singh Surendev. (Surendev), Chai Yet Cherng. (MBA-S1308-0405), Aliyu Abdulmalik . (Abduldili), Ngu Peggy. (MBA-S1404-0432), Kanniah Albert Nicholas. (BBU-S1210-0228), Samausi Norizan. (norizan), Sze Ming Michael Lim. (MikeLim192), PA PGMS MBA Nurul Asma. (Nurul.Admin), chan gim suan. (simguan), Sharma Suraj. (MBA-F1404-0430), You Bang Lim. (y0u85ng), Kamal Nisa. (Nisa), Hean Soon Kang . (kangheansoon), Chellatore Pannir Selvam. (mal14060), Lai Cathryn. (MBA-S1308-0409), Chee Siang Ang. (angcheesiang), zhenwei wong. (wongzhenwei)
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09 Jul 2014
Guide to submit assignment online

Guide to submit assignment online (click here)

08 Jul 2014
Competition for Corporate Video

Students are encourage to join this compeittion to create corporate video Poster (click here)

Invitation Letter (click here)

Application form (click here)

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Teaching Schedule April 2014

2014 April Teaching Schedule (Click Here)


PGSM BBA Schedule

>> TTDI KL Weekend 2014 (Click Here)

>> Protege Weekend 2014 (Click Here)


PGSM Pre-MBA Schedule

>> TTDI KL Weekend 2014 (Click Here)


PGSM MBA Schedule

>> TTDI KL  Weekend 2014 OLD Batch (Click Here)

>> TTDI KL / Penang / JB 2014 Current Batch (Click Here)


MSc in MD , ESGI schedule

>> TTDI KL Weekend 2014 (Click Here)


University of Bolton, UK

>> BAAC PT Weekend 2014 (Click Here)

Updated on 31th July 2014


Academic Calandar 2014

>> TTDI KL Weekday 2014 (Download)

>> TTDI Daily Calendar 2014 (Download)

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Exam Schedule
April 2014 Semester Final Exam Schedule (Click Here)
*Updated on 11th July 2014