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18 Aug 2014
Orientation August 2014

Dear Students,


The Orientation for August 2014 will be starting from 18th Aug 2014. Do check out the programme info in linke below

Week 1

Week 2

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Teaching Schedule August 2014

2014 August Teaching Schedule (Click Here)

Updated on 26th August 2014


PGSM BBA Schedule

>> TTDI KL Weekend 2014 (Click Here)

>> Protege Weekend 2014 (Click Here)


PGSM Pre-MBA Schedule

>> TTDI KL Weekend 2014 (Click Here)


PGSM MBA Schedule

>> TTDI KL / Penang / JB 2014 Batch Before April 2014 (Click Here)

>> TTDI KL / Penang / JB 2014 Current Batch (Click Here)

Updated on 6th August 2014


MSc in MD , ESGI schedule

>> TTDI KL Weekend 2014 (Click Here)

Updated on 6th August 2014


University of Bolton, UK

>> BAAC PT Weekend 2014 (Click Here)

Updated on 31th July 2014


Academic Calandar 2014

>> TTDI KL Weekday 2014 (Download)

Updated on 6th August 2014

>> TTDI Daily Calendar 2014 (Download)

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Exam Schedule
April 2014 Semester Final Exam Schedule (Click Here)
*Updated on 11th July 2014