Diploma in Information Technology

Diploma in Information Technology (IT) Awarded by Mantissa College



  • Aim +

    Producing a class of professional technicians equipped with the right mix of conceptual and practical competencies to support the fast developing ICT sector in the real world.

  • Outcome +

    Diploma holders will have gathered hands-on experience working with a broad range of state-of-art technologies and methods. Our graduates at Mantissa College will have a pathway to higher academic and professional qualifications in Information Technology locally, and abroad.

  • Course Content +

    Year 1

    Year 2

    Year 3 (6 months)

    MPU Subjects

    Communication Skills

    Networking & Data Communication


    Pengajian Malaysia 2

    College Writing Skills

    Web Page Development

    Introduction to Accounting

    Bahasa Kebangsaan A / Communication Skills

    Academic Writing & Research

    Multimedia Development


    Moral & Ethics

    Computer fundamentals & Applications

    Introduction to Management



    Computer Ethics & Society

    Discrete Mathematics

    Diploma project


    Algebra & Trigonometry


    ICT Internship


    Structured Programming

    Human Computer Interaction


    Visual Basic Programming

    Management Information System




  • Entry Requirements +

    Minimum 3 Credits (Grade C6 and above) in SPM (O-Levels) with Bahasa Malaysia AND Sejarah (History) Pass (Grade D and above)

  • Fee & Finance +





    Course Fees

    RM 29,000

    RM 33,000


    These fees are applicable for new entrants in 2016/7. Fees are for the academic year only, any subsequent years may be subject to an annual increase, usually in line with inflation.

  • PTPTN Funding (Malaysian Students Only) +

  • EPF Funding +

  • Accreditation +

    Fully Accredited by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA A8163)

    Recognised by Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA)- Malaysia Public Service Department (PSD)

  • Employability +

    This course could lead to a career in a wide range of industrial and commercial organisations in both private and public sectors such as:

    • IT Technician

    • IT and User Support Services

    • Web Developer

    • Network Technician

    • Programmer

    • Network Technician

    You may also choose to progress to a full degree in related subject area or with an appropriate education qualification, you could pursue a career in Information Technology teaching as there is a shortage of ICT teachers globally.

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