Malaysian Ministry Wants More Student Entrepreneurs

Malaysian Ministry Wants More Student Entrepreneurs

Malaysia Government Needs More Entrepreneur

According to the Malaysian website The Star, the Higher Education Ministry hopes to have at least 15 percent of students pursue entrepreneurship (Business Programme) while still studying at institutions of higher education.  They would like to see 5 percent become entrepreneurs after graduation.

Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Dr. Mary Yap Kain Ching said that she wants to implement the concept of “Learn and Earn” so students can earn income while studying.

She said that over 60 percent of students currently pursuing a degree were involved in entrepreneurship activities—and 3 percent had become entrepreneurs while still students. The end goal?  Job creation.


At the Siswapreneur Showcase 2017 program last month she said, “We are referring to the framework where we want our students not be job seekers but to be job creators.”

The Siswapreneur Showcase program was part of the Ministry’s larger push to expose students to entrepreneurship and to encourage them to pursue it while still in school.

The next student entrepreneurship program will be in Kuala Lumpur later this month. 

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