Discovering the Benefits of a Bachelor’s Degree

Discovering the Benefits of a Bachelor’s Degree

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A degree at the bachelor’s level is a popular choice among college-bound students. Offered in an array of disciplines, it typically takes about two to four years of study to earn a bachelor’s degree. Graduates of bachelor’s programs may choose to go directly into a career or pursue advanced studies at the graduate level. If you would like to launch a new career or move ahead in your current field, explore the benefits of earning a bachelor’s degree.


Overview of the Bachelor’s Degree

Where Can You Earn a Bachelor’s Degree?

Degrees at the bachelor’s level are offered at universities or colleges (via twinning arrangement) located all across the country. Colleges may be public, private, for-profit or not-for-profit.

How Long are Bachelor’s Degree Programs?

Candidate with a Diploma qualification would take a typical two years to complete a bachelor’s degree. Meanwhile, fresh SPM (O-Level) students would typically take four years to complete.

Most bachelor’s degree programs require students to complete a minimum of 120 credits towards the end of the programme.

What are the application requirements?

The application requirements for a 4+0 Bachelor Degree in Business Administration are typically a secondary school SPM (O-Level) qualification. Yes, that’s correct, student does not need to have an STPM (A-Level), a foundation, pre-university or a diploma qualifications to apply for the programme.

Taking Steps to Prepare Yourself

To prepare yourself for college-level coursework and prove to admissions officers that you have what it takes to succeed in college, you should have scores of a minimum five (5) credits in your SPM (O-Level), or three (3) principals in your STPM (A-Level) qualifications.

Be sure to check the specific prerequisite course requirements at the schools in which you are interested, so you can ensure that you are on the right track.

Pursuing a Diploma, Pre-University or Foundation Qualification First?

Some students may choose to attend a college and earn a Diploma Qualification prior to attending a degree program. If you already have a Diploma Qualification, you will be able to transfer your credits to the Degree programme and it should take you just two (2) more years to study your Bachelor in Business Administration programme

Exploring the Benefits of the Bachelor’s Degree

Improves Employment Prospects

For many career paths, a bachelor’s degree is a minimum education requirement. A Bachelor Degree provides a credential to prospective employers, which shows that you are committed, as well as knowledgeable, in your field.

Enables You to Attend Graduate School

Earning a bachelor’s degree allows you to pursue an advanced degree in graduate school which includes enrolment into the International Executive Master of Business Administration programme

Increased Salary

Having a Bachelor degree is also linked to higher pay. According to the Department of Statistics Malaysia, in 2016, the median weekly earnings of someone with a degree at the bachelor’s level was RM 3,100 which is RM 1,600 more than median earnings of someone with only a secondary school or diploma qualifications. Source from (Department of Statistics, Malaysia)  

Lower Unemployment Rate

Generally speaking, the more you learn, the less likely you are to become unemployed. According to the Department of Statistics, Malaysia the unemployment rate in 2017 was only 4% among those with a degree—a percentage that is 2.1% less than the national average, and 3.5% less than among those with only a high school diploma.

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