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International Office

The International Office (Services) is specially designed to meet and cater to the needs of international students. The office is responsible for the general welfare of all international students.

Student Support & Services

We offer international students access to a wide range of support services to help you succeed. Here is an overview of the services that we offer:

First time visiting a new country? Suffering from Home Sick and cultural shock?

Speak to our International Student Support Department now!.


Student Support & Services

All plans come with awesome support by email and phone. There is no hidden fee!

Counselling Centre Employer Relations Office Extra Curricular Activities
counselling centre Dedicated to offering professional counselling services and  career guidance to students and believing in their ability to make positive changes in their lives. employer relations
Provides career-related services with emphasis on enhancing students' employability and exploring 
career and internship opportunities.
extracurricular Fun, excitement, song, laughter — all part of the unique educational experience at Mantissa
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Need further help? Come forward to speak with our International Student Support Department

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