MyPhD under the MyBrain Programme
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MyPhD under the MyBrain Programme

MyPhD under the MyBrain Programme

With the recent Budget 2018, we see the government allocating RM 2.2 billion worth of scholarships provided by the Public Service Department, Higher Education Ministry and Health Ministry. An additional of RM 90 million is allocated for the MyBrain programme especially for 10, 600 individuals to pursue studies in Masters and Doctorate.

MyBrain programme is a programme under the Ministry of Higher Education providing scholarships to those wishing to pursue their Masters or Doctorate at local universities. The Programme is divided into MyMaster, which was created under the 10th Malaysian Plan and MyPhD, which is to encourage more Doctorate holders among Malaysians to reach the target of 60, 000 holders by 2023.

What are the basic requirements to apply for MyPhD?

Since the programme is under Malaysian Higher Education Ministry, you need to be a Malaysian aged not older than 45.

What are the education requirements?

You need to have a government recognised Master’s Degree or its equivalence, with CGPA of 3.0 and above, or equivalent.

You cannot already own a Doctorate when applying for MyPhD.

You need to meet the basic requirements to attend the University of your choice. When applying for MyPhD, you need to already have received an offer letter or started the course. The course has to be a Doctorate or other course of its equivalence, like the Doctorate of Business Admin (DBA) offered by Mantissa. MyPhD is only applicable to full-time programme.  

What are my job requirements?

To apply for MyMaster, you can be an unemployed civilian or one with no stable income, a worker in the private sector, a lecturer of a private or public university or a government servant. You are not eligible to apply if you are a Malaysian working abroad.

Can I receive another scholarship at the same time?

No, you cannot. However, there are exceptions.

An applicant that is an unemployed civilian with no stable income can receive an allowance as a researcher or a study loan from another source, provided the loan is not a modifiable loan or a full scholarship.

An applicant who falls under the category of worker of the private sector or lecturer of a private university is allowed to receive study loan from another source or an additional sponsor from their employee, but the loan cannot be a modifiable loan or a full scholarship.

The same rule applies to government servant and lecturer of a public university.

Where can I pursue my Doctorate with MyPhD?

You can pursue your Doctorate at any public university or local private university with the status of College, University College, University or International University Campus.

Mantissa falls under the private university with College status category. 

How much of my fee is covered and how much allowance will I receive?

The amount of fee covered and allowance received, depends on which category of applicant you fall into.

If you are an unemployed civilian with no stable income, the fee covered does not exceed RM 24, 000 with a monthly living allowance of RM 1, 800. Additional allowances are to assist with thesis and journal of RM 3, 000 and RM 2, 000 respectively.

If you are a worker in the private sector, a lecturer of a private or public university or a government servant, the fee covered is the same. However, you will only receive allowances to assist with thesis and journal.

Take note that your entire study fee should not exceed RM 24, 000. The fee covered does not include deposits and accommodation. Thesis allowance is only paid once the entire course. The same is applied for journal allowance.

For an applicant that has already begun the course, the scholarship will only start at the current semester. As for applicant with an offer letter, the scholarship will start accordingly. The fee will be directly paid to the bursary based on the invoice received.   

Am I going to be bound to the government?

Yes, you are going to be bound by a contract to the government with a guarantor. Once you have completed the DBA, you have to serve in Malaysia or any organisation that benefits Malaysia, for a duration of five years.

The government has the right to demand repayment or compensation if you quit or fail the course, are removed from the university or you migrate to another country within the study period.    

How do I apply for MyPhD?

Application can be solely done online at

Applicant needs to log in to create an account and follow guidelines accordingly.

What documents do I need to apply?

Applicant needs to print the application form available online. Once printed, the applicant needs to fill in and upload the form online with supporting documents.

All original supporting documents need to scanned and saved to PDF formats. If the originals are not available, copies can be accepted, once certified by a government officer, an officer of a lawful body of management and professional group (grade 41 and above) or the head of the community. The supporting documents include a copy of the applicant’s IC (front and back), research proposal, academic transcript at Master’s degree level, offer letter of the chosen university and the form verifying applicant’s information.

How long do I need to wait for the result?

The applicant will be notified via email or SMS of the result seven days after the committee appointed by the Ministry of Higher Education had their meeting.

What do I do if my application is successful?

Once accepted, the applicant needs to print the acceptance letter online.

Applicant needs to present all the necessary documents within 14 days, before the date stated in the offer letter, to the Ministry of Higher Education. Failure to do so can result in the scholarship being revoked and cancelled.

The applicant is responsible to submit the acceptance letter of MyPhD to the bursary of the university to make sure that the invoice of study fee for each semester is sent directly to the Scholarship Department at the Ministry of Higher Education.


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