How hard do you need to study for SPM?
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How hard do you need to study for SPM?

How hard do you need to study for SPM

SPM starts this week with 443, 883 candidates all over Malaysia. Often times you hear that SPM is the ultimate exam of your life.  It is somewhat true. The minimum qualification when you are applying for a place in a university and a job is SPM level. With SPM, you break free from high school, unless you decide to continue with STPM. However, how hard do you really need to study to secure a place in a university? Most of the time, people around you pressure you to get as much As as possible. They might even scare you with the notion that you cannot enter a university if you do not get enough As. The quantity of As does not really matter. It all depends on what and where you want to study. Here is a list of things that you need to pay close attention to when deciding on your course and university, so you know how much effort you should give to your SPM.

Entry requirement

The minimum qualification to enter a university is three credits. Depending on the university and the course, it can be up to five credits. Credit means having a minimum of Grade C6 and above. In other words, you only need to have at least three C6s or in other cases, up to five C6s.

The diplomas offered at Mantissa, Diploma in Information Technology and Diploma in Business Administration both require you to have a minimum of three credits at SPM level to qualify. However, Bachelor of Business Administration needs a minimum of five credits at SPM level to qualify.

Your interest

You might wonder which three or five subjects you should score. At secondary school, your subjects are broad. You learned a lot of subjects, some did not even interest you. When you reached Form Four you had the choice of Science or Arts stream. The stream you chose further narrowed down your interest. However, at the university level, you will have more possibilities. The subjects taught throughout your course will be more niche.

Therefore, it helps if you could identify beforehand, which three subjects you are interested in. Once you have identified them, you should focus more on those subjects to make sure you score.

If you plan to study Business Administration, the subjects you can focus on are, among others, Economics, Accounting, Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. If you are heading towards Information Technology, you can pay more attention to English, Bahasa Melayu, Economics and Mathematics. They can be the keys to the subjects that you will learn at diploma or degree level.

Often times, universities do not look at which subjects you score. Instead, they will only look at any three or five random subjects with the Grade C and above. Therefore, if you yourself do not know which subjects interest you, and three to five subjects will do.

Subjects to pass SPM

When focusing on the subjects that interest you, you should not forget two very important subjects which could make or break your SPM. Without passing these two subjects, you will not even be granted the SPM certificate. Those two subjects are Bahasa Melayu and Sejarah. You should get at least Grade D to pass the entire SPM. The fate of your SPM certificate lies with these two subjects. They will determine, not only if you are a true Malaysian, but also if you can finally leave secondary school behind and move on to university. Once you have these in the bag, you should only worry about one to three more subjects. 

Malaysian subjects

Your Malaysian education does not stop once you have completed your SPM. At the university level, there are three more Malaysian subjects that are compulsory to all Malaysian students. The subjects are Bahasa Kebangsaan, Pengajian Malaysia and Pengajian Islam/Moral. Out of the three, you could only be exempted for one, if you obtain a credit at SPM level. The subject is Bahasa Kebangsaan, if you get a minimum of Grade C for Bahasa Melayu at SPM level.

Bahasa Melayu and English

Even when this article is written in English, Bahasa Melayu is by default, our national language. As mentioned above, you need a minimum of Grade D for Bahasa Melayu to pass your SPM and a minimum of Grade C, if you do not want to take the subject again at the university. The importance of Bahasa Melayu at SPM level should make it the top of your priority list. 

All courses at Mantissa are taught in English. However, there is no specific requirement for that language. Nevertheless, you should not take the subject lightly. By scoring for the subject, you are, in a way, preparing yourself for a full English- teaching medium. You will also have the confidence to communicate with international lecturers and fellow classmates.    


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