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Established in 1999, Mantissa College [Ref No: DK143(W)] is wholly owned by PMI Education Sdn Bhd as an (an approved Institution of Higher Education (IHE) by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). Strategically located at Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Mantissa College has more than 22 years of experience in providing a specialised business school education to over 8,257 work-study students from over 50 countries.

At Mantissa College, we strive to provide our students with a global-standard education experience through work-study programs, and to promote access to higher education to as many people as possible through well-equipped facilities and strong industry linkages and partnerships with foreign universities.

As the only College status institution in Malaysia offering the full range of Business programmes from Doctorate, Masters, Degree, Diploma, and Certificate programmes, Mantissa College is a one-stop centre for those who have a strong passion for learning business skills.

All programmes delivered at Mantissa College are registered with the MQA-Malaysia Qualifications Agency, an auxiliary body responsible for the quality of programme delivery


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Why enroll at Mantissa College?

The Right Choice for Your Education and Career Goals

Enrolling at Mantissa College offers flexible learning options and industry-relevant programmes.

Experienced lecturers offer real-world expertise, and partnerships with prestigious universities provide global exposure and collaborations. The research-focused environment encourages critical thinking and innovation, while education is made accessible through scholarships and financing options.

Mantissa College offers a strong alumni network and career services that provide support and guidance for students' career advancement. It provides an excellent education and career path for students seeking a quality learning experience.


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Empowering your journey to success

Our mission is to equip our students with the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. With practical, real-world learning and strong industry partnerships, we empower our students to take charge of their future and make a positive impact on the world.