In a recent Huffington Post piece on key differences between Gen Z and Millennials, George Beall suggested that young people in the future were more likely to opt out of “the traditional route of higher education.” And while he said some of these “early starters” would eventually finish online, others would eschew formal higher education completely for more affordable and convenient alternatives.

Understanding Generation Z: What Colleges Need to Know
  1. Emphasis on Social Responsibility:

Social responsibility and sustainability are key for today’s students. Generation Z prefer colleges committed to environmental initiatives, community service, and ethical practices.

2. Personalized Learning Experiences:

Students today value personalized learning experiences. Colleges offering customizable curriculums and individualized support are highly attractive to them.

3. Mental Health and Wellness Support:

Mental health and wellness are top priorities for Generation Z. Colleges with robust mental health services, wellness programs, and supportive campus environments stand out.

4. Global Perspective:

A global mindset is essential. Students are interested in colleges offering study abroad programs, diverse campus communities, and opportunities to engage in international issues.

5. Flexible and Hybrid Learning:

Flexibility in learning is highly appreciated. Colleges that offer hybrid models, combining online and in-person classes, are particularly appealing.

6. Strong Online Presence:

An active online presence influences decision-making. Colleges with engaging social media, informative websites, and digital content attract more attention.

7. Diversity and Inclusion:

Diversity and inclusion matter greatly. Students seek colleges committed to fostering diverse and inclusive campus cultures.

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