1. Transformational Leadership: Focus on inspiring and motivating your team. Encourage creativity and innovation. Create a vision for the future and drive change. Transformational leaders are change agents. They foster a positive and energetic environment.

2. Servant Leadership: Prioritize the needs of your team. Serve your employees to achieve organizational goals. Build trust and create a supportive culture. Servant leaders are empathetic. They focus on team growth and well-being.

3. Authentic Leadership: Lead with authenticity and transparency. Build genuine relationships with your team. Stay true to your values and principles. Authentic leaders are trustworthy. They inspire loyalty and commitment.

4. Situational Leadership: Adapt your leadership style to different situations. Assess the needs of your team and environment. Be flexible and responsive. Situational leaders are versatile. They adjust their approach for maximum effectiveness.

5. Charismatic Leadership: Use your charisma to inspire and influence. Build a strong personal connection with your team. Lead with enthusiasm and confidence. Charismatic leaders are magnetic. They have a strong impact on their followers.

6. Strategic Leadership: Focus on long-term goals and vision. Develop and implement strategic plans. Align team efforts with organizational objectives. Strategic leaders are forward-thinking. They guide their team toward future success.

7. Democratic Leadership: Involve your team in decision-making. Encourage participation and collaboration. Value diverse perspectives. Democratic leaders are inclusive. They foster a culture of teamwork and engagement.

8. Coaching Leadership: Act as a mentor and coach to your team. Focus on individual development and growth. Provide guidance and support. Coaching leaders are nurturing. They help their team members reach their full potential.

9. Visionary Leadership: Create a compelling vision for the future. Inspire your team with a sense of purpose. Lead with passion and clarity. Visionary leaders are inspirational. They drive innovation and change.

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