CIEL-Certificate in English Language



Awarded programme from Mantissa College

CIEL-Certificate in English Language

Programme Overview

English is the global language of communication in the world today. It is the international language of business, science, politics and culture. It is also the most widely used language on the Internet and is the key to communication in many domains.

Our English Programmes offers quality instruction with knowledgeable and experienced lecturers.

CIEL Programme Facts

  • MQA Code: MQA/FA0195 View from MQA Website
  • MOHE Approval Code: R2/481/4/0182
  • Awarding Body: Mantissa College
  • Mode of Study: Face-to-Face CiEL
  • Study Duration:
    Face-to-Face CiEL-Min 3 Semesters
  • Class Schedule: Weekdays Lessons
  • Assessment: Quiz, Final Exam

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Our Lecturers


Dr William Chua

Principal of Mantissa College

PhD from MMU, MBA from Brunel University / Henley Management College 1995, BSc in Maths & Education. Prof Dr William Chua has taught in MBA and Doctorate Programme with over 30 years of experiences


Dr Ian

External Lecturer

Ph.D in Business Management from Bulacan State University, Master of Commerce from the University of Southern Queensland, BA (Hons) from Charles Sturt University. Prof Ian Mackechnie has been involved in undergraduate and postgraduate studies in several international universities over 20 years


Dr Prabakaran Kesavan

External Lecturer

DBA from the University of South Australia. He has a Master of Law degree from the University of Staffordshire with specialisation in International Business Law. MSc in International Marketing from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland and BSc in Management, University of Science, Malaysia.

Programme Structure

Subjects Taught

01) Conversation 1 (3)

02) Grammar 1 (3)

03) Grammar 2 (3)

04) Grammar 3 (3)

05) Grammar 4 (3)

06) Listening and Speaking 1 (3)

07) Listening and Speaking 2 (3)

08) Listening and Speaking 3 (3)

09) Listening and Speaking 4 (3)

10) Reading 1 (3)


11) Reading 2 (3)

12) Reading 3 (3)

13) Reading 4 (3)

14) Writing 1 (3)

15) Writing 2 (3)

16) Writing 3 (3)

17) Writing 4 (3)

18) Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi (3)

19) Masyarakat Malaysia (3)

20) Time Management (3)

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Entry Requirements

For Malaysian and International Students:

  • Possess a minimum 1 credits in SPM / O-Level / STPM / A-Level of ; OR
  • Possess a minimum 1B's in UEC OR
  • Possess an APEL T3-Accreditation Prior Experiential Learning
  • Other recognised equivalent qualification

Not having a minimum of 1 Credits in SPM / O-Level? Don't worry, Malaysian candidate can apply via APEL T3 to gain entry into this Diploma programme Read More on APEL T3


How to Apply for the CIEL?


Documents Needed (For Malaysian and Non-Malaysian Applicant)
1) Scan copy of your SPM / O-Level / STPM / A-Level / UEC / Diploma / APEL T3-Accreditation Prior Experential Learning 

Additional Documents for Non-Malaysian Applicant
2) Passport Profile Page 

After that, submit your documents via 'Online Application' below! 
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