Certificate in English Language

Curriculum and Course Structure for Certificate in English Language

Mantissa College

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1 Year

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Unleash Your English Superpowers with Mantissa College

Unleash Your English Superpowers with Mantissa College

Want to level up your English game? Mantissa College has got just the thing for you – our Certificate in English Language course. It’s not just any course; it’s your ticket to mastering English like a pro!

Expect more than just textbooks!

You’ll get to explore English in all its forms – American, British, Aussie – you name it.

Plus, you’ll get a taste of real-world English, perfect for everything from acing your studies to shining in the workplace.

Here’s what you’ll dive into:

Read & Write with Flair: From catchy blog posts to gripping stories, get ready to impress.

Speak & Understand Effortlessly: Whether it’s chatting with friends from around the globe or nailing that interview, we’ve got you covered.

Grammar Guru: Say goodbye to confusing rules and hello to clear, effective communication.

Vocabulary Vibe: Amp up your word power to express yourself with style.

Sentence Swagger: Craft sentences that not only make sense but also make an impact.

Expect more than just textbooks!

Unlock Your Global Potential with Epic English!

Unlock Your Global Potential with Epic English!

Year 1 (Press to Dropdown)

  1. Conversation 1: Jumpstart your chat game! Get comfy with basic conversational English and start talking like a pro.

2. Grammar 1: Grammar rookie? No worries! Tackle the basics and start building solid English sentences.

3. Grammar 2: Up your grammar game! Dive deeper into English structures and get your grammar groove on.

4. Grammar 3: Grammar wizardry ahead! Master complex structures and fine-tune your language skills.

5. Grammar 4: Grammar guru status? You’re on it! Perfect the nuances and get ready to impress.

6. Listening and Speaking 1: Listen up and speak out! Start understanding and speaking English with confidence.

7. Listening and Speaking 2: Tune in and turn up! Sharpen your listening skills and speak more fluently.

8. Listening and Speaking 3: Listen, speak, excel! Dive into advanced listening techniques and speak like a native.

9. Listening and Speaking 4: Peak listening and speaking prowess! Conquer intricate dialogues and express yourself with finesse.

10. Reading 1: Reading starts here! Explore simple texts and start your journey to become a reading champ.

11. Reading 2: Reading level up! Tackle more challenging material and boost your comprehension skills.

12. Reading 3: Advanced reading alert! Dive into complex texts and analyze like a pro.

13. Reading 4: Reading mastery achieved! Conquer sophisticated literature and expand your horizons.

14. Writing 1: Pen your first masterpiece! Start with basic writing skills and find your voice.

15. Writing 2: Write, refine, repeat! Develop your writing style and start crafting engaging content.

16. Writing 3: Writing gets serious! Hone advanced writing techniques and make your words stand out.

17. Writing 4: Writing wizard in the making! Master persuasive and creative writing to captivate your audience.

18. Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi: Dive into Bahasa Melayu! Embrace this beautiful language and communicate with ease.

19. Masyarakat Malaysia: Explore Malaysian society! Understand its rich culture and diversity for a broader perspective.

20. Time Management: Master your minutes! Learn the art of managing time effectively for success in study and life.


i. Possess a minimum 1 credits in SPM / O-Level / STPM / A-Level of ; OR
ii. Possess a minimum 1B’s in UEC OR
iii. Possess an APEL T3-Accreditation Prior Experiential Learning
iv. Other recognised equivalent qualification


Fees and Financial Aid


RM 12,000++/1 Year

You are welcome to reach out to our programme consultant for further information regarding the financial aids on offer


RM 18,750++/1 Year

(USD 3,900++/1 Year)

You are welcome to reach out to our programme consultant for further information regarding the financial aids on offer

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