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DiBA-Diploma in Business Administration

Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia Approval No (R2/340/4/0346)
Malaysia Qualifications Agency Full Accreditation No (A9523)

Curriculum and Course Structure for Diploma in Business Administration

What you'll learn

A Diploma in Business Administration programme provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the key principles and practices of business.

Some of the topics covered in the programme include

  • accounting,
  • finance,
  • marketing,
  • economics,
  • management, and
  • business law.

Students will develop a broad range of skills that are essential for success in the business world, including

  • critical thinking,
  • problem-solving,
  • decision-making,
  • communication, and
  • teamwork.
Additionally, the programme is designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue further studies in business, such as a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration.


Are you a school leaver or working adult who aspires to be an entrepreneur or business leader? Gain a competitive edge with the Mantissa Diploma in Business Administration, a highly regarded programme that provides a strong foundation in business principles and practices.

The programme integrates Short Courses Certificates from QS's Top Ranking Universities and is the perfect entry point into the Mantissa BBA programme. Developed with the latest industry trends, this fully accredited (MQA Reference: MQA A9523) course will equip you with a comprehensive knowledge of the main functional areas of a business.

Awarding Body : Mantissa College
Study Duration : Min 24 - Max 30 months
No of Subjects & Credits 25 Subjects @ 90 Credits
Course level : Diploma (Level 4)
Language : English

Course Information

i. Posses SPM (O-Level) with at least credit in THREE subjects; OR
ii. Possesses SKM Level 3 in the related field; OR
iii. A Certificate (Level 3, MQF) in the related field with at least CGPA of 2.00; OR
iv. A pass in Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) (A-Level) with at least Grade C (GP 2.0) in any subject; OR
v. Other equivalent qualifications recognised by the Malaysian Government.

Subjects Taught
01) CS101 Computer Fundamental & Applications (4)
02) BM120 Introduction to Accounting (4)
03) MA124  Business Mathematics (4)
04) BM150 Marketing (3)
05) BM210 Management Practice (4)
06) EN210 College Writing Skills (3)
07) BM212 Organizational Behavior (4)
08) BM215 Business Ethics (4)
09) BM221 Managerial Accounting (4)
10) BM223 Finance (4)
11) BM230 Microeconomics (3)
12) BM231 Macroeconomics (3)
13) BM240 Business Law (4)
14) BM290 Entrepreneurial Project (4)
15) EN312 Academic Writing & Research (3)
16) BM321 Financial Accounting (4)
17) BM322 Taxation (4)
18) BM323 Principles of Auditing (4)
19) CS361 Information System Management (4)
20) MA361 Introduction To Statistics (4)  
21) BM370 Human Resource Management (4)
22) MPU2213 Bahasa Kebangsaan AMY2/ MPU2233 Communications Skills (3)
23) MPU2163 Pengajian Malaysia 2MY/ MPU2133 Bahasa Melayu komunikasi 1INTL (3) 
24) MPU2323 Moral & Ethics (3)
25) MPU2422 Co-curriculum

Note: MY-For Malaysian Students / MY2-For Malaysian without Credit BM in SPM / INTL-For International Students 

Completing a Diploma in Business Administration programme can open up a variety of entry-level positions in various industries, such as

  • administrative assistants,
  • customer service representatives,
  • marketing assistants, and
  • sales coordinators.

Graduates can also pursue further studies such as a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or related fields.

With additional experience and education, diploma holders can eventually advance to managerial roles or even start their own businesses.

The Diploma in Business Administration programme offers a range of valuable learning outcomes for aspiring entrepreneurs and future business leaders.

Students will learn essential skills such as

  • effective communication,
  • critical thinking,
  • problem-solving, and
  • team building.

In addition, they will gain knowledge in key business areas such as

  • marketing,
  • finance,
  • operations, and
  • management.

This programme also focuses on developing strong leadership qualities and provides opportunities for hands-on learning through presentations.

Upon completion, graduates of this programme can pursue a variety of career paths such as

  • marketing executive,
  • human resource specialist,
  • finance officer, and
  • business consultant.
With the skills and knowledge gained from this diploma, students will have a solid foundation to further their studies in the Bachelor of Business Administration programme or launch their own business ventures.

Are you considering pursuing a Diploma in Business Administration? Here are the program fees:

For Malaysian students: RM 23,700

You can also opt for a PTPTN loan and pay only RM 2,500 per semester.

For International students: RM 26,700 (approx. USD 6,200)

Don't let finances be a barrier to your education.

Contact our friendly program consultant today to learn more about scholarship and rebate opportunities that can help you offset these costs.

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