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Level 3, Menara PKNS PJ

Diploma in Business Administration Curriculum and Course Structure

A Diploma in Business Administration equips students with comprehensive knowledge of essential business principles and practices.

Mantissa College

Awarding Body

24 Months

Study Duration


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Unlock Your Potential

Unlock Your Potential: Explore Business with Our Diploma!

Explore Business with Our Diploma!

Curious about successful organizations? Dream of leading in business?

In a world evolving faster than ever, where the pace of change will surpass anything we’ve seen in the last centuries, seizing the opportunities of tomorrow requires skills and knowledge tailored for the future.

Enter the Mantissa Diploma in Business Administration – a prestigious program meticulously crafted to empower you with the sharp business insights needed to thrive in today’s dynamic and fiercely competitive landscape.

Through this Diploma in Business Admin, You’ll:

1. Explore Business Essentials: Learn key terms, concepts, and theories.

2. Apply Skills in Real Scenarios: From theory to practice, tackle business challenges.

3. Analyze Decisions Effectively: Use diverse sources to evaluate business choices.

4. Strategize for Success: Develop plans to enhance business performance.

5. Embrace Ethical Leadership: Foster positive values in business and entrepreneurship.

6. Join Us: Start your journey towards shaping the future of business!

Through this Diploma in Business Admin, You'll:

Reasons to study at Mantissa

Ignite Your Future: Diploma in Business Administration at Mantissa

Are you ready to kickstart your journey to success? Our Diploma in Business Administration offers the perfect blend of academic excellence and real-world opportunities tailored for ambitious individuals

Achieve Prestigious Credentials

Gain a Mantissa and UK Diploma upon completion, opening doors to a world of possibilities.

Unlock Microcredentials

Collaborate with the world’s leading universities and earn valuable microcredentials that enhance your resume and set you apart in today’s competitive job market.

Study and Earn

Experience the best of both worlds with flexible study options and opportunities to earn while you learn, empowering you to take control of your financial future.

Fast-track to Success

Enjoy exemptions into BBA programmes, accelerating your journey towards a Bachelor’s degree and beyond.

Recognised Excellence

Rest assured knowing that our programme is MQA accredited, ensuring quality education and recognition of your achievements.

Cutting-edge Facilities

Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, providing the perfect setting to unleash your full potential.

Course Module

Year 1 Subjects (Click to Dropdown)

1. CS101 Computer Fundamentals & Applications : Dive into the digital world! Learn the essentials of computers and how they’re used in today’s tech-savvy business environment.

2. BM120 Introduction to Accounting: Uncover the language of business. Get savvy with numbers and learn how accounting keeps businesses thriving.

3. MA124 Business Mathematics: Math in action! Explore how mathematics powers business decisions and strategies.

4. BM150 Marketing: Unleash your creativity. Discover the secrets of captivating customers and dominating markets.

5. BM210 Management Practice: Become a leader. Learn the art of managing teams and projects for business success.

6. EN210 College Writing Skills: Master the power of words. Enhance your writing skills for effective business communication.

7. BM212 Organizational Behavior: Decode the human factor in business. Understand how people’s behavior impacts the workplace.

8. BM215 Business Ethics: Shape the future of business with integrity. Explore the importance of ethics in the corporate world.

9. BM221 Managerial Accounting: Take charge of business finances. Learn advanced accounting skills for managerial decision-making.

10. BM223 Finance: Navigate the financial seas. Learn how to manage funds for business growth and stability.

11. BM230 Microeconomics: Delve into the economics of small-scale interactions. Understand how individual choices shape the marketplace.

12. BM231 Macroeconomics: Broaden your view. Explore the big-picture economics that shape nations and global markets.

Year 2 Subjects (Click to Dropdown)

13. BM240 Business Law: Navigate the legal maze of business. Learn the laws that protect and govern companies.

14. BM290 Entrepreneurial Project: Unleash your inner entrepreneur. Work on real-life projects and bring your business ideas to life.

15. EN312 Academic Writing & Research: Sharpen your academic skills. Learn to research effectively and communicate your ideas with clarity.

16. BM321 Financial Accounting: Dive deeper into accounting. Master the skills to manage financial records and reports.

17. BM322 Taxation: Crack the code of taxes. Learn how taxation affects businesses and how to manage it smartly.

18. BM323 Principles of Auditing: Become a trusty auditor. Understand how to examine financial records and ensure accuracy.

19. CS361 Information System Management: Manage the digital backbone of business. Learn about information systems and their role in business efficiency.

20. MA361 Introduction to Statistics: Decode the language of data. Learn how statistics inform business decisions.

21. BM370 Human Resource Management: Become a people’s champion. Learn how to manage, motivate, and lead teams effectively.

MPU Subjects (Click to Dropdown)

22. MPU2213 Bahasa Kebangsaan AMY2// MPU2233 Communication Skills: Communicate with flair. Enhance your language or communication skills for a global workplace.

23. MPU2163 Malaysian Studies 2MY/ MPU2133 Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1INTL : Discover Malaysian culture and language. Learn about the country’s history, society, and communication style.

24. MPU2323 Moral & Ethics: Build a strong ethical foundation. Explore moral principles and their importance in personal and professional life.

25. MPU2422 Co-curriculum: Get active and involved. Participate in activities that build character and leadership skills outside the classroom.

Note: MY-For Malaysian Students / MY2-For Malaysian without Credit BM in SPM / INTL-For International Students 

Course Fees for Diploma in Business Administration

Tuition Fees


RM 24,000

Malaysian Applicant


RM 27,000

Non-Malaysian Applicant

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