1st Private College in Malaysia offering a complete series of Accredited Business Programmes

We are the 1st College status institution in Malaysia to offer a complete series of Business Programmes.

Our programmes include Doctorate-DBA, Master-MBA, Degree-BBA, Diploma-DiBA, and Certificate-CBS.

Mantissa College is a specialised business school with programmes fully accredited by MQA-Malaysia Qualifications Agency-an auxiliary body responsible for ensuring quality education meeting internal standards.

Why Mantissa ?

Accredited Programme
Experienced Lecturer
Programmes Offered

Work and Study Benefits

DBA-Doctor of Business Administration

Running own business of status quo for years? It is time to learn advanced managerial skills designed for upper management, executive and leadership positions
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MBA-Master of Business Administration

Aiming for a career boost or planning to start your own company? Avoid unnecessary risk by learning effective business tips from the case study learning methods
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BBA-Bachelor of Business Administration

Want to learn how to do business but having just an SPM / O-Level qualifications is holding your back?
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DiBA-Diploma in Business Administration

Build a solid foundation with core business concepts needed to build your understanding of how a business operates in a competitive environment
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CBS-Certificate in Business Studies

Learning business concepts from the basics? This programme will provide you with practical working knowledge and skills in business administration
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CIEL-Certificate in English Language

Whether it’s for university, work, immigration purposes or simply to master the language, our courses are designed to give you the confidence you need to communicate effectively in real-life situations
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About Mantissa

Continuous Growth since 1999

Going strong since 1999

Since its inception in 1999, Mantissa College [Ref No: DK143(W)], is an approved Institution of Higher Education (IHE) by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). It is strategically located in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

With more than 22 years of experience, Mantissa College is a specialised business school which has graduated more than 15,758 work-study students from over 50 countries

Mantissa College aims to provide students with global-perspectives through work-study programmes. Enabling students to access to higher education with well-equipped facilities, virtual learning resources and strong industry linkages with partnerships from foreign universities

Mantissa College is the only (1) College status institution in Malaysia offering a full range of Business programmes from Doctorate, Masters, Degree, Diploma and Certificate programme. A one-stop centre indeed for those students who have passion in learning modern business skills.

All programmes delivered by Mantissa College is registered with the MQA-Malaysia Qualifications Agency,-an auxiliary body responsible for ensuring quality education meeting internal standards.

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Launching new entry-level digital marketing and e-commerce certificate by Google

Today, we are pleased to announce a new entry-level Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate from Google. The certificate is designed to prepare learners to launch a career in digital marketing and e-commerce. No prior degree or industry experience is required for the certificate,...

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Announcing the Campus Skills Report 2022: Universities preparing students for digital jobs

University students today are graduating into a new labour market reshaped by automation and the pandemic that demands new skills. According to the ILO, the global youth employment rate fell by more than twice as much as the rate among adults in 2020. The changing skills landscape is creating...

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Trending Online Courses In Cloud Tech, Sales, and Cybersecurity

With more world-class content launching every week, there are always new topics to explore, new skills to learn, and new ways to achieve your goals. These latest courses, Specializations, and Professional Certificates cover everything from business management and personal finance to data science...

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Trending Business Skills 2022 via Micro-Credential

From AI to the cloud, technology is changing the future of business. To help you explore how these technologies and more can transform the way you work, we’ve rounded up some of the newest business Specializations and courses from top universities and companies via the Micro-Credential Programme...

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Mantissa College Partners with Coursera to Offer Job-Based Learning

It is a Catch-22 situation.Without a job, there is no way one can gain experience, yet without experience, it is almost impossible to get a job.

This is the predicament that Universities graduates are in now.Higher education worldwide is at a historic crossroads. With more than 300 million people...

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Who we are

Our Faculty Members

PhD from MMU, MBA from Brunel University / Henley Management College 1995, BSc in Maths & Education (USM). Prof Dr William Chua has taught both MBA and Doctorate Programmes with over 30 years of experience

Professor Dr William Chua
Principal of Mantissa College

Ph.D from Bulacan State University, Master of Commerce from the University of Southern Queensland, BA (Hons) from Charles Sturt University. Prof Ian Mackechnie has taught in MBA and Doctorate Programmes with over 20 years of experience

Professor Dr Ian Mackechnie
Senior Lecturer

Professor Dr Coral Milburn-Curtis is the Director of Studies, DBA PPA Programme. She is an Associate Fellow of the University of Oxford, UK, where she also gained her Master, PhD

Professor Dr Coral Milburn-Curtis
Professor Dr Coral Milburn-Curtis
Director of Studies, PPA DBA