Gurung Hemanta Bahadur (Bangladesh)


DBA programs are designed to provide me with advanced research skills required for decision making and strategic planning. Thus, completing a doctorate is propelling me to go the extra mile to prepare myself for a leadership role.

I serve as a university faculty, consultant, and trainer in various national and international organizations. In most cases, top management and highly qualified leaders and recruiters prefer candidates who have higher educational qualifications. Therefore, having a DBA will demonstrate the highest levels of insights, wisdom, and continuous development.

Furthermore, completing a DBA degree will not only identify me as an expert in my field but will also result in a tangible set of decision-making and management skills that may help when seeking a senior-level leadership position.

Once I have finished my DBA, I shall be well-prepared to enter any industry, whether it be business, education, government, or healthcare. A DBA will eventually help me understand the various challenges that are prominent in these sectors, as well as provide me with the practical skills required to overcome any challenge. Having more career opportunities open to me can only be a good thing.

Why did I choose Mantissa College?

IPE Management School DBA is a European degree. I also have a dream to acquire an international qualification from the UK or Europe. Mantissa College is fully accredited by MQA, which captivated me as it is a recognized degree even in Malaysia. On top of that, the teachers here are highly qualified and experienced, all of whom hold a doctoral degree, which is a good thing. Some of the teachers, I would say, are world-class.

The answers to the specific questions asked are given below:

a) I was determined to complete at least a doctorate in my life. This is one of my self-actualization needs.

b) I am applying my knowledge professionally in broader aspects while studying my DBA subjects at Mantissa College.

c) So far, it has given me real-time experiences of applied business and how to make good decisions professionally. In my personal life, it has helped me be proactive rather than reactive.

d) I have chosen Mantissa College because it is recognized by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency, and the IPE-PPA DBA is an international European degree recognized by ACBSP and CCNA.

Yours sincerely,

Gurung Hemanta Bahadur

Mentor, Coach, and Consultant

Dhaka, Bangladesh