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MBA-Unlocking the Path to Success
MBA-Unlocking the Path to Success


Tomorrow’s Leaders:

Equipping Graduates with Essential Skills for Success

Unlocking the Path to Success:

Equipping Tomorrow’s Leaders with Comprehensive Management Skills

MBA-Empowering Tomorrow Leaders
MBA-Empowering Tomorrow Leaders

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Embark on a transformative journey with our MBA Programme tailored for ambitious professionals!

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Career Outlook

Here are the top (3) three career positions for a Master of Business Administration graduate in Malaysia

*Logistic Management

RM 7,750 to RM 10,250/Month (

*General Management

RM 12,750 to RM 15,250/Month (

*Project Management

RM 7,550 to RM 10,050/Month (

Curriculum Details

Core Courses (Press to Dropdown)

  1. GCM6133-Strategic Management: Explore the principles and frameworks essential for navigating complex business environments and formulating effective strategies for organisational success.

2. GCM6213 Managerial Economics for Decision Making: Gain insights into the economic principles and tools necessary for making informed managerial decisions in today’s dynamic business landscape.

3. GCM6314 Business Research Method: Learn the fundamental methodologies and techniques for conducting rigorous and insightful business research to inform strategic decision-making and problem-solving.

4. GCM6143 Organisational Behaviour: Delve into the dynamics of human behaviour within organisations, and develop the skills to lead and manage teams effectively while fostering a positive organizational culture.

Elective Courses (Choose 2 Subjects) (Press to Dropdown)

5 / 6. CGM6233 Corporate Finance: Dive into the world of corporate finance, exploring topics such as capital budgeting, financial risk management, and mergers and acquisitions.

5 / 6. GCM6323 Management Information System: Gain insights into the strategic use of information technology in business management, covering topics such as database management, business intelligence, and digital innovation.

5 / 6. GMM6333 Human Resource Management: Explore the intricacies of managing human capital within organizations, including talent acquisition, performance management, and employee development strategies.

5 / 6. GCM6223 Marketing Management: Master the principles of marketing strategy and execution, including market analysis, product development, branding, and promotional tactics.

5 / 6. GCM6113 Malaysian Business Law: Delve into the legal framework governing business activities in Malaysia, covering contract law, employment regulations, consumer protection, and corporate governance.

General Management Specialisation (Press to Dropdown)

7. GMM6233 Quality & Change Management: Explore strategies for driving organizational improvement and navigating change in dynamic business environments.

8. GMM6213 Entrepreneurship: Dive into the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and learn how to turn innovative ideas into successful ventures.

9. GCM6233 International Trade & Business: Gain insights into the complexities of global trade and develop skills to thrive in international business settings.

10. GMM6133 Cross Cultural Management: Delve into the nuances of managing diverse teams and navigating cultural differences in today’s globalized world.

11. GCM6243 Supply Chain Logistic Management: Master the intricacies of supply chain logistics and learn how to optimize processes for efficient and effective operations.

Research Project (Press to Dropdown)

12. GRM6363 Research Project I: This course introduces students to the fundamentals of conducting research in the field of [specific subject area]. Through practical exercises and theoretical discussions, students learn essential research methodologies, data collection techniques, and analytical frameworks to prepare for their research project.

13. GRM6463 Research Project II: Building upon the skills acquired in Research Project I, this course guides students through the advanced stages of their research project in [specific subject area]. Students engage in independent research under the supervision of faculty members, applying theoretical knowledge and practical skills to produce a substantial research output.

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RM 17,325

(RM434 per credit hour)

The fees structure may vary based on the applicant’s time of application. Feel free to contact our program consultant


RM 38,546/all in

The fees structure may vary based on the applicant’s country of origin. Feel free to contact our program consultant

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