Doctor Of Business Administration (DBA)

PPA Business School, France

Awarding Body

36-60 months

Study Duration 

Doctor Of Business Administration (DBA)

PPA Business School, France

Awarding Body

36-60 months

Study Duration

👋 Hi there Shang! We're thrilled about your interest in the DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) by Publication programme, delivered and awarded by PPA Business School, France.

🎓 I'm Mr. Shang from Mantissa College in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are proud to be the appointed recruitment centre for this prestigious programme.

🌍 With over 23 years of experience, we have proudly graduated more than 15,000 students from Malaysia and around the world❗

After completing the DBA in 36-60 months, our students can:
✅ Boost Career Prospects - A Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree can significantly enhance career opportunities. It showcases advanced knowledge and expertise in business management, making you more competitive for high-level positions in your industry.
✅ Improve Business Skills - Earning a DBA helps you develop superior business skills. It equips you with advanced problem-solving abilities and strategic thinking, making you more effective in running or managing a business.

👍 So, with big dreams ahead, what is your motivation for upgrading to a Doctorate qualification❓

1️⃣ Career Advancement: A doctorate opens doors to higher-level positions and leadership roles, enabling significant career growth.

2️⃣ Expertise and Specialization: It allows you to become an expert in your field, providing in-depth knowledge and specialized skills.

3️⃣ Personal Achievement: Completing a doctorate is a major accomplishment, representing dedication and intellectual growth.

4️⃣ Increased Earning Potential: Advanced qualifications often lead to higher salaries and better compensation packages.

Ready to Supercharge Your Future? 🚀

📚 Dive into the Business World with Our DBA Programme!

🌟 Why DBA from PPA-France

✅ Elite Leadership Training: The DBA is the pinnacle of business education, merging professional practice with academic knowledge, making you a sought-after leader.

✅ Global Recognition: Attaining a DBA sets you apart as a global leader in business academia, equipping you with essential skills for today’s competitive landscape.

✅ Real-world Impact: Our part-time executive DBA empowers high-achieving executives to research cutting-edge solutions without interrupting their careers, offering a chance to make a tangible impact.

✅ Flexible Learning Structure: Choose from two routes tailored to your preferences and career goals, with comprehensive online courses and flexible timings.

✅ Expert Support and Resources: Benefit from full supervisory support and inclusive course fees, ensuring you have everything you need to excel.

🌟 Unlock Your Potential with the DBA Programme! 🌟

Career Accelerator: Earn significantly higher wages and fast-track your career with a DBA. In 2020, doctoral degree holders took home a median weekly wage of $1,883, compared to $1,248 for master’s degrees and $746 for bachelor’s degrees.

Become the Expert: A DBA makes you the go-to authority in your field. Gain more job opportunities, recognition, and influence. Doctorate holders are key players in research and development, driving innovation.

Boost Your Income: Doctoral degree holders enjoy larger paychecks. In 2020, their median annual income hit $97,000, dwarfing the $74,000 for master’s degrees and $59,000 for bachelor’s degrees.

Dive into Research Adventures: Immerse yourself in thrilling research projects with a DBA. Publish in top-tier academic journals and present at prestigious conferences, elevating your reputation and credibility.

Lead the Way: Doctoral graduates are often at the helm. With over 60% holding top positions in academia, industry, and government, a DBA can catapult your career to new heights of success.

✨✨Special Intake✨✨

👉 RM 30,000 + GBP 4,450

[For Limited Spot Up to 10 Applicants Only, first come first serve basis]


✨✨Entry Requirements✨✨

✅ Master’s Qualification from a recognized Institution AND

✅ Minimum 4 Years of Managerial Experience involving strategic responsibilities