Sunny Ooi Chin Huat (Malaysian)

“Enrolling in a DBA programme is a commitment to life-long learning, enhancing my domain knowledge to professionally contribute to my business.”

Question: Your current position, industry, nationality

I am the Founder and CEO of ClickAsia, a leading e-commerce service provider for numerous multinational brands. Since founding ClickAsia in 2015, after over 22 years in key roles at multinational corporations like Microsoft, Intel, Lenovo, and NEC, I have been proud to be a Malaysian cohort part-time student in the Mantissa DBA-IPE programme.

Question: What inspired or motivated you to enrol in the DBA programme?

My fundamental motivation is a personal commitment to life-long learning, to continuously enhance my domain knowledge and contribute professionally to my business, the industry, and society.

This is my third tertiary postgraduate programme: an MSc in my mid-20s, an MBA in my mid-30s, and now a DBA in my late 40s.

Another reason is to deepen my expertise in Digital Transformation, aiding my entrepreneurial journey and assisting businesses and industries in their digitalization efforts.

A recognized doctorate with a domain-specific focus will elevate my recognition as a moderator, speaker, business coach, and board director.

Question: What did you learn from the programme?

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, all courses were conducted online via Zoom. The key takeaways include:

  • Learning frameworks from past literature, theories, and case studies from credible sources.
  • The assignments focused on current business issues from leading consulting firms like Deloitte, PwC, EY, etc.
  • Outcomes from these assignments have become working strategies for my business.

Question: How has this DBA programme helped you in your life (career/personal development)?

Professionally, this DBA programme has aided me in:

  • Redefining a Sustainable Competitive Business Model: Applying learnings from the DBA programme directly resulted in positive business impacts and strong outcomes.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Sharing readings, findings, and knowledge with shareholders, business partners, team members, industry associates, and mentees.

Question: Why did you choose Mantissa?

I chose Mantissa’s DBA-IPE programme for three reasons:

  • Relevant Modules: The subjects and courses are highly relevant to the current and future business landscape.
  • 100% Assignment-Based Model: Suitable for busy professionals, allowing flexibility.
  • Internationally and Locally Recognised Degree: The DBA is awarded by IPE Management School of Paris, recognized both internationally and by the Malaysia Higher Education Board.

At Mantissa College, we offer the Doctor of Business Administration programme (DBA) in partnership with L’Institut pour I’Expertise (IPE) Management School Paris, France. The programme takes approximately three to five years to complete, with no examinations and a 100% assignment-based approach.