Embarking on a journey to study abroad holds promises of adventure and personal growth. Yet, amidst the excitement lie crucial tasks that demand attention. To ensure a smooth transition and a successful academic pursuit, here are six imperative steps every international student should take before setting foot in a foreign land.

1. Secure Comprehensive Health Insurance:

Prioritize your well-being by arranging suitable health insurance coverage before departure. While many educational institutions mandate insurance for international students, exploring alternative options tailored to your needs is prudent. Selecting a policy offering a minimum of RM100,000 in medical coverage, along with 24-hour emergency assistance.

2. Establish Banking Arrangements:

Navigating financial transactions overseas becomes seamless with a local bank account. Seek guidance from your institution or research student account offerings at nearby banks. Consider banks such as Maybank, CIMB Bank for better access to ATM facilities around the city. Alternatively, acquaint yourself with your home bank’s international services to manage finances efficiently.

3. Register with Your Home Government:

Stay connected to your roots by registering with your home government before departure. Do ensure you check with your Embassy in Malaysia and provide vital updates on safety and facilitate embassy outreach during emergencies.

4. Understand Visa Requirements:

Navigate the complexities of visa regulations by comprehensively understanding your host country’s requirements. Stay connected with your programme consultant at Mantissa College to get the latest update and resources on the visa requirements and policies.

5. Ensure Connectivity:

Stay connected with loved ones and access essential information by arranging phone and internet services. Explore international plans from your home provider or procure local services upon arrival. Coordinate device configurations in advance to avoid disruptions.

6. Manage Affairs Back Home:

Prepare for an extended absence by addressing domestic responsibilities beforehand. Arrange for property management, bill payments, mail handling, and tax obligations to mitigate potential issues upon return.

Remember, meticulous planning lays the foundation for a rewarding international academic journey. Share your pre-departure experiences and tips in the comments to enrich the community’s preparation endeavors.

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