Wong Chak Liam (Malaysian)

“As I continue my career journey, I’ve realized the need for further academic qualifications to aid my personal career advancement.”

I am William Wong, the Regional Manager for a multinational corporation in the diesel engine machinery industry, responsible for aftermarket business support in West Malaysia.

As a Malaysian, I began my career in this organization as a Sales Executive nearly 20 years ago. Currently, I lead a team of 40 colleagues across various functions including Sales, Customer Service, and Technical teams.

Continuing my career journey, I recognized the necessity of additional academic qualifications to support my personal advancement and apply new knowledge and skills to an increasingly demanding market environment.

My desire to pursue tertiary studies began a decade ago, feeling stagnant in my career. In 2018, I made the pivotal decision to enrol in a BBA course at Mantissa College.

Balancing work, family, and studies was challenging, but with perseverance, focus, and determination, I successfully completed my degree. The BBA course provided in-depth knowledge applicable to my daily work, enhancing effectiveness and business acumen.

The course also equipped me with an edge in job performance expectations, confidently propelling my career forward.

I discovered Mantissa College’s main centre in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, offering the flexibility to attend classes and exams on weekends, fitting around my work schedule.

Mantissa College’s administrative staff are exceptionally friendly and supportive, while the lecturers are well-prepared and approachable.

To those considering further studies, make your decision now. Contact Mantissa College today for your next crucial step, as I did two years ago. You’ll be glad you made this choice, investing in your best self.