Unlock new opportunities for growth and advancement with Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programme. Discover how pursuing an MBA can transform your career trajectory and expand your professional network. Also, it may equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s competitive business landscape.

  1. Understanding the Value of an MBA Programme

In today’s evolving business world, the value of an MBA is immense. It covers key business concepts, from finance to marketing. An MBA prepares you to tackle complex challenges and seize new opportunities confidently.

2. Exploring Career Advancement Opportunities

An MBA significantly enhances career prospects. It helps in climbing the corporate ladder, switching industries, or starting your own business. Employers value MBA graduates for their strategic thinking and leadership skills.

3. Developing Robust Professional Connections

Networking is crucial for career growth. An MBA programme offers opportunities to connect with industry professionals, peers, and alumni. These connections can lead to job opportunities, mentorship, and partnerships.

4. Acquiring Hands-On Expertise and Insight

An MBA provides hands-on experience through case studies and practical projects. This real-world insight helps in understanding industry trends and best practices. It equips you with practical skills and confidence.

5. Maximizing the Potential of an MBA Degree

An MBA helps maximize your potential and accelerate career growth. It offers a solid business foundation, a strong network, and practical expertise. Enroll in an MBA programme to unlock new opportunities and achieve success.

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Ready to unlock new opportunities and elevate your career with our MBA programmes? Don’t wait any longer – take the first step towards achieving your professional goals today! Submit your application for academic screening and join the ranks of ambitious professionals who are transforming their careers with advanced business education.

Apply now through our convenient online application portal and kickstart your journey towards earning an MBA in collaboration with École Supérieure de Gestion et de Commerce International (ESGCI), France at Mantissa College, or the MBA by Selangor Business School (SBS) at Unisel. Turn your aspirations into reality and position yourself for success in today’s competitive business landscape. Your future starts here – apply now!

Mantissa Online Application

Documents Needed To Apply Online

  • Scan copy of your Degree Qualification Certificate
  • Scan copy of your Degree Qualification Transcripts (Result Page)
  • Latest Resume

Additional Document for Non-Malaysian Applicants

  • Scan copy of your Passport Profile Page

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